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DS918 + стрийминг филми, изрязване на звук
I have Synology DS918 + NAS connected via ethernet (through my home network) to my Nvidia Shield TV. I'm running Kodi (the latest edition) of Shield connecting via NFS. I can confirm that the NAS recognizes the connection as gigabit Ethernet. However, when I release .mkv files, there are inconvenience in the sound from time to time. The picture appears intact and the sound returns in a few seconds. I'm trying to handle it if it affects all types of files but it definitely has 4k files with Dolby true HD enabled.  Facebook Netflix Skype

Are there any settings I need to check to resolve the situation either in Kodi (or Nas)?

Are you using a AV Amlifier? Passthrougt enabled?
I have a similar configuratin - FireTv 4K but older NAS - DS214Play - everything works like a charm!
1. FireTV - 4K | Android 7.1.2 | Kodi 18 Leia - Final & MySQL
2. FireTV-1Gen | Android 5.1.1 | Kodi 18 Leia - Final & MySQL
3. WeTek Play | LibreELEC 8.2.5 | Kodi 17.6 Krypton & MySQL

As you probably know, Plex is XBMC (Kodi) based and is used for video streaming via LAN and Internet. So read which formats are suitable for streaming and what are the web optimized files (moved atom bit).

Via FFmpeg, the atom bit of MP4 files, can be moved via this command:

ffmpeg -i "input_file_name.mp4" -map_metadata 1 -movflags faststart -map_chapters -1 -vcodec copy -acodec copy -threads 0 "output_file_name.mp4"
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