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Test Persons wanted for new Kodi Add-on
I am looking for test persons who are willing to give me insights in their media consumer behavior. These insights will be used for my master thesis to design an interface which will organize and display different media types including movies, tv shows, music etc.
My master thesis will be the foundation for a kodi add-on which will include but are not limited to features known by plex/emby.
Test persons are going to participate in a study which consists of the following two parts:
The first part will be an oral interview (i.e. via skype). I am going to ask questions like what kind of media are you consuming, from which sources Watch Movies Online CyberGhost  ExpressVPN do these media come and what kind of devices do you use for viewing your media. The oral interview is not recorded.
In the second part, I will look at your actual consumer behavior. For that, I need to see how you interact with Kodi and other relevant software solutions. This session is recorded via screen capture software.
Everything we do during the study will be anonymised. No one will be able to identify one of the test persons from any notes/recordings I will take during the study. For me it is very important to get an authentic picture of the test persons media consumer behavior.
If someone likes to participate, to find a suitable time slot. If found, then please write me a private message (or start a chat) which includes your name and time you have chosen on doodle......

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